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Merchant Benefits & Options

Need to accept payments online from your customers TODAY?

SolidTrust has all the tools and help you need to get started quickly! Integration with is incredibly simple. Add a snippet of code to your website in the customer purchase area and you're done! Clients are redirected to our secure checkout page - their transaction is completed in seconds. If you have an SSL secured website, you may choose our non-redirect "invisible API" option, giving your customers a seamless purchasing experience! For all IPN and API manuals, modules, tools and features, visit our DEVELOPERS area above.

SolidTrust Pay offers a FREE Business Account with the following benefits and upgrades

 BUSINESS STARTER (free account setup)

 CORPORATE UPGRADE($50 application fee)


* card processing rates can start as low as 5% - contact merchantsupport "at" for more information
** restrictions apply regarding risk protection for certain business models

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