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SolidTrust MassPay Tutorial

Our MassPay Module allows you to pay any number of members, employees, associates and affiliates in only a few minutes! The MassPay Module file transfer area is located in the MERCHANT ZONE section of your STPay account. Creating and submitting a MassPay file is completed in a few easy steps:

1. create a tab delimited TEXT or CSV file containing payee usernames, amounts and payment details
2. save your file with an appropriate file name on your computer.
3. OPTIONAL - you can create a RETURN URL. For an explanation of our return variables, click HERE
4. login to your STPay account and upload your file in the MERCHANT ZONE/MASSPAY area

MassPay Guidelines

  • you may include any custom information needed as an additional column in your file
  • you may use any combination of currencies provided there are sufficient funds in those currencies
  • you must ensure you have the CORRECT USERNAME of the payee or the transfer will fail
  • you must ensure there are sufficient cleared funds available or the file will be rejected
  • for faster file transmissions, limit the number of payees to 500 or less
  • MassPay Results

  • the results of your masspay file will be displayed to you onscreen; any failed transfers will be identified
  • if you have set a return URL, we postback the results of your file to your URL.
  • you will also receive a CSV file to your registered email as a record of your masspay results
  • HINT - if your file transfer looks like it has timed out, it has not! It will continue to be processed even if the onscreen message indicates otherwise! DO NOT HIT THE REFRESH OR BACK BUTTONS - if you do, your file will be processed twice!

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