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SolidTrust Pay Developers Centre

Welcome to our Developers Centre where programmers, designers, technicians and site owners come together. Discuss, ask questions, make requests, complain and criticize (it is the best way for us to improve) and acquire access to all our APIs, IPNs, Creatives and Merchant Tools.

Where to start?

Integrate easily with our options to get your clients accepting payments
Whether your client is selling one item, multiple items, offering subscription services or wishes to accept credit card payments, SolidTrust has their integration needs covered.

Your client can signup today - you as the developer can create buttons allowing them to accept payments the same day!

Programming assistance is available. We cater to brand new merchants needing simple payment buttons as well as advanced online companies needing highly sophisticated options.
Turn on our Remote API and enable your client to make payments instantly
Your client can enjoy the freedom of paying members, affiliates or staff without having to even login to their SolidTrust Pay account! Create a Remote Payments API and enable them to quickly and easily handle all their payout needs.
Generate payment buttons for as many sites as needed
If you are a developer for a merchant with multiple sites, adding as many payment buttons as are needed is no extra time or trouble. Once you have created one, the process is identical for all other sites.

More for Developers

Join our FORUM and discuss your needs directly with our tech and merchant support teams. Post jobs, make requests, advertise your scripts and network with the ever-growing number of companies and developers adding SolidTrust Payment services to their websites.

DEVELOPERS BONUSES - for every new merchant you introduce to SolidTrust Pay, receive a $100 BONUS as soon as they are integrated and begin processing! Add SolidTrust Pay to your existing scripts for purchase as an additional payment option and also receive a $100 BONUS.

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